We are happy to introduce our new Tuesday and Thursday Summer League Coordinator’s.

Dave French
Dave French Tuesday Summer League Coordinator

We think Frenchie’s enthusiasm and zest for all things ultimate is the perfect fit for our largest, and still growing, league. He’s serious about his play on the field, but ALWAYS willing to share his knowledge with others.

tara macleod
Tara MacLeod Thursday Summer League Coordinator

Having a year of Wednesday* under her belt Tara is moving over to Thursday nights. Not that she needed a year of experience for this job, she was born ready. And don’t let her quiet demeanour fool you…she is a force to be reckoned with. I mean, have you seen her upfield throws?

Captains: in short order you will be getting emails from these two fine folk. Wanting to know which teams are in? Who might need assistance getting prepped for PUL’s adoption of our new gender parity Ratio Rule A. Basically all things regarding Summer Ultimate.

*With Tara’s lateral move to Thursday, we have an opening for our Wednesday Night Coordinator. Any interested parties should contact our VP, Brad Sawdon.

Stay warm PUL peeps, summer is coming.

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