PUL Specific Rules & Policies

PUL has a few key rules that are league specific, namely:

Team Ratio

PUL has officially decided to follow Ultimate Canada and move to the WFDF mixed gender Ratio Rule A (aka gender parity).​ In PUL this will affect all team-based leagues and start in 2019. This ratio rule may or may not apply to tournaments and hat/draft leagues. Before we go any further, any references to men, women, male or female include players that identify as such for matching gender ratio purposes as per the Ultimate Canada Inclusion Policy.

What is Rule A (Section A7.2, WFDF Rule of Ultimate 2017)?

Before the start of the game (after Carbon Flip for PUL) an additional disc flip happens with the winner selecting the gender ratio for the first point. For the next two points the ratio will be reversed (points 2 and 3). For the two points after this, the ratio must follow the first point (points 4 and 5). This pattern of alternating the ratio every two points, repeats until the end of the game. Halftime has no impact on this pattern.

Gender-Matching Pulling

New for 2023, PUL is inspired by WFDF and adopting a new rule for pulling in league play. A player representing the gender with four players on the field must pull for that point.” This essentially means that half of the pulls in a match will be from man-matching players and half of the pulls in a match will be from woman-matching players.


Just to clarify PUL allows footblocks in all leagues in accordance with 11th edition rules.

Carbon Flip

PUL has replaced the standard pre-game flip with the Carbon Flip, which awards all the normal benefits of winning the flip to the team that has the highest percentage of passengers/cyclists/walkers divided by the number of rostered players at the game to determine the winner. Winners choose either to receive/pull or which end to start at. Losers chase the remaining option left (receive/pull or which end to start at.)


As of 2016 PUL has officially adopted a rule of no timeouts within five (5) minutes of a game’s time cap for league play.

For more detailed information on PUL policies, including the Safe Conduct Policy, Dangerous Play Policy, and Bad Weather Policy, please visit the Policies page.

Summer Playoff Subs Policy

Players that are added during the season must play at least four games with the same team to qualify for playoffs. Players coming back from injury may be treated to a different assessment. Teams who knowingly abuse the tenets of this policy may be disqualified from playoffs.