Field Guides

We’ve devoted an inordinate time to expanding our field guide set this year to include a New Player Field Guide while also adapting our traditional captains binder to the fresh PUL style Field Guide format. This is added to the original that got them all going: the PUL Juniors Field Guide.

A number of people have hard copies of these, but we wanted to supply soft copies here. We think these can be very helpful guides for better understanding the game and the PUL way of looking at the world. Please have a look and if you want to recommend any additions we’re always willing to entertain new ideas that would assist the respective audiences.

Please note, a huge shout out to designer Adrienne Boyer for doing such a bang-up job on the design. Awesome. And thanks to those various scribes from the PUL community who contributed to the content. Truly, a collaborative effort that draws on the generosity of our membership.

If you are another league who is sourcing these, by all means, we intend to share this information. If you end up using it in your own guide, please just give a note of acknowledgement to the Peterborough Ultimate League (PUL) or else our team of knee-capping ‘lawyers’ will share some pleasantries with you some evening. You wouldn’t believe how effective Google Streetview really is…

Here are the PUL guides:

PUL Players Field Guide 2020

Juniors Guide 2019 Image

PUL Juniors Guide 2019