Rules Quizzes

In an attempt to help our PUL Community we decided to create some quick (10-12 questions each) quizzes on the rules of Ultimate. We tried to include scenarios that often happen on the field to help any disputes that may arise to be cleared up quickly and with good spirit. We’ve had all the quizzes vetted by one of our home-grown Observers, so we know they are up to date and accurate.

Rules Quiz #1 – Introduction and Definitions

Rules Quiz #2 – Spirit of the Game

Rule Quiz #3 – Playing Field, Length of Game and Definitions

Rule Quiz #4 – Time Outs, Player Substitutions, Stopping & Restarting Play

Quiz #5 – In & Out of Bounds, End Zone Possession, Scoring & Turnovers

Quiz #6 – The Marker, Marking Violations & Stall Counts

Quiz #7 – Violations, Fouls & Receivers

Quiz #8 – More Violations & Fouls, Positioning & Etiquette

Quiz #9 – Pulls