Concussion Safety – Rowan’s Law

Rowan’s Law legislation was passed by the Ontario Government in 2018. This legislation is named in memory of Rowan Stringer who tragically died in 2013 of Second Impact Syndrome, the result of suffering multiple concussions playing rugby three times in six days. The legislation is designed to create a safer environment for competitive amateur athletes, children and youth to play sport.

Knowing how to recognize the signs and symptoms of a concussion, and what to do if a concussion happens – whether you’re an athlete, a student, a parent, a coach, a team trainer, an official or an educator– saves lives.  The Ontario Government is committed to implementing Rowan’s Law by putting concussion safety information in the hands of people who need it most. Increasing awareness and changing conversations in sport, at school and in our homes, will result in transformative change to the way in which concussions are managed in amateur competitive sport and beyond.

Ontario Ministry’s Concussion Awareness Resources

There are 3 age variations of the Ontario Ministry’s Concussion Awareness Resources

  1. For players under 10 years of age
  2. For players aged 11 to 14
  3. For players ages 15 and above

Ontario Government Rowan’s Law Links

For all the information relating to the implementation of Rowan’s Law, please see below the relevant Ontario Government website links.

Rowan’s Law Concussion Awareness Resources

Rowan’s Law: Concussion safety

Rowan’s Law Legislation

What is PUL Doing?

PUL has created our own Concussion Code of Conduct, Removal from Sport, as well as our Return to Sport Strategies. We have decided to make Brain Health a priority across ALL members of our league, not just those aged 26 and under. In order to renew your membership with PUL, every player will need to sign an electronic version of the Concussion Code of Conduct. This will be done, from now on, on a yearly basis.

We’ve also partnered with PACA (Peterborough Athletics Concussion Awareness), to make sure we are as up to date on concussion protocols as possible. Check out their website for more information.