Thursday Playoffs Are Go!

Bring your cheers, bring your jeers, bring your possibly rhyming beverages: it’s Thursday playoff season once again. This from LC Chloé Corbeil:

They’re finally here! It’s playoff time! 

Here’s our schedule for week one: 

  • Game C  (6:30) : Mah-na, Mah-na (5) vs Huck-a-Snuffleupagus (6)
  • Game A (7:50): Aunt Flo-rence Nightengale (1) vs 123,45,678910,11,12 (4)
  • Game  B (9:10): Snuffleupadisc (2)  vs It’s Not Easy Being Green (3)

Schedule for finals week: 

  • Game E (6:30): Winner Early Game vs Higher Seeded loser of A/B
  • Game D (8:00): Winner A vs Winner B (Championship game)
  • Game F (9:20): Loser C vs Lower Seeded Lower of A/B

Looking forward to it! 

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