Latest Field Update

Ontario is allowing some areas, including Peterborough, to move into phase 2 of reopening. This…doesn’t mean a lot for us yet. Fields remain closed to team sports.


Fields are open to the public to use, following proper safety measures of course, including staying 2m away from anyone outside their own household. So should you want to get a few members of your team together (five max until Friday, then ten) to hold a small practice or throw around it will be allowed, but will not be considered a PUL sanctioned event. Because the city is not currently granting field permits (an update is expected later this week), there are no guaranteed spaces: if there are already people in the field space, you will have to wait or find a new space.

Should you decide to want to get together with some friends to throw a disc around, please read the Covid-19 Return to Throwing Tips document Ultimate Canada just released. Safety is the number one priority.

Don’t forget, if you are craving some competition in your life, go do the PUL Rules Challenge – Quiz #1.

Be well PUL Peeps.

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