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That’s a wrap, folks…or at least it should’ve been.

Tonight would’ve been the final finals of the season. Someone has hoisted the Big Wiener, perhaps fit the Wednesday puzzle pieces together, and tonight someone takes down those naughty Big Rats, finally, probably, maybe.

It was a tough call cancelling the season, especially as fields cautiously opened back up. But community health is always at the forefront of the Board’s thinking, and we stick by that decision. I (George) received quite a bit of positive feedback after that announcement, which I’ve passed on to the rest of the Board. Much appreciated, PUL. It pleases us to no end that you are all safe, healthy, and around to play next year.

The Board is meeting next week (Tuesday), to consider the immediate future. The most pressing question, of course, is our traditional indoor season. We’ll be assessing the risk of indoor play and thinking about what a season may or may not look like. To add to the complexity, you may have heard that the Spiplex has been sold, and changes hands on October 1. We’ve been assured that our space is waiting for us, but we don’t know much beyond that just yet (cost, for instance).

It’s been a while since we’ve done our return to sport survey, so if anyone has thoughts on the situation, I would welcome any input and pass it on to the Board. You can contact me here.

So, final thoughts on the season that wasn’t? Yeah, I’ve got some of those:

Screw you, covid. I don’t care how open you are, I am looking you off, every damn time.

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