Rain's a-comin'.

Weather – we’re keeping an eye on it

Forecast for this afternoon and evening is pretty dire, threatening to run amok with our Tuesday semis! Boo.

Assume game on for now. We’re keeping in touch with captains, and may have to cancel games tonight (and even if we don’t, games may be unplayable by game time). Right now, the inimitable LC Liz and OC Jocelyne are madly pulling strings, praying to weather gods, melting new discs over an Olympian altar, whatever they can do. We hope to have an alternate plan in place shortly. If you’re in semis match tonight, we’ll let you know through your team captain. If you’re planning a fun game tonight, keep an eye on this space, use common sense at game time, and be aware of PUL’s bad weather policy.

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