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Liz Maxwell – Past Summer Tuesday League Coordinator

Name: Liz Maxwell
Hometown: Ottawa
Years Playing Ultimate: 12

Favourite Ultimate Memory: My son was born during Ecodisc! (not at the actual field…) Ryan (my husband) came to the birth dressed as a Mexican wrestler…

Favourite thing about Peterborough Ultimate League: The people… it all comes back to the people. 

Why did you start playing Ultimate?We were new to town and looking for something to do… we went to the registration night at Hot Belly Mama’s and met Julie Simard and my life has never been the same 🙂

Why do you still play Ultimate?The people! 

What’s your “signature play” or throw? 12 years in and I still sometimes run the wrong way…

Who’s another PUL player you love to play with, and why?Yannick Thiriar was my first coach and captain and she still teaches me every time I see her play. 

What’s a skill you’re working on right now?Handling… there are so many amazing women handlers in our league. I’m always in awe of the magic they bring to the game. 

Favourite tournament and why?:Grandmasters in Montreal… us old folks get together to play and talk about the good old days 🙂

Weirdest thing you ever dressed up as for an ultimate tournament?: Cabbage Patch Kid.

Chris Prowse – Junior Recreational Coach

Name: Chris Prowse
Hometown: Fergus Ontario
Years Playing Ultimate: 7 years

Favourite Ultimate Memory:My favourite Ultimate memory is the years playing on the Frisbetarians. The most fun I have ever had playing

Favourite thing about Peterborough Ultimate League:My favourite
things about Peterborough Ultimate are the number of players that are
ambassadors of the sport and the inclusiveness of the game. 

Why did you start playing Ultimate?I have always loved the dynamics
of throwing and catching a disc. I spent hours tossing the disc with my
brother growing up. When I moved to Peterborough I found out about
PUL and joined in. 

Who’s another PUL player you love to play with, and why?Any Kightly. The most knowledgable and talented Ultimate family I know. You know you are going to enjoy playing if a Kightly is on your team.  

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