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Chloé Corbeil
Chloe Corbeil – Indoor Thursday Coordinator and member of Player Development Committee

Name: Chloé Corbeil
Hometown: Timmins, ON
Years Playing Ultimate: 3 years

Favourite thing about Peterborough Ultimate League: The community is absolutely fantastic!

Why did you start playing Ultimate? I had just moved to town and was looking for a way to meet people. 

What’s your “signature play” or throw? I’m still figuring this out out… Right now its probably dancing on the side lines 

What do you do other than play Frisbee (e.g. work, fun, family)?  My main job is catching babies! I work as a family physician and do part time family practice as well as low-risk Obstetrics at the Partners in Pregnancy Clinic. I have dropped many discs, I have NEVER dropped a baby 😉

Todd Melville – Head Coach of Junior Open Team Rogue Squadron

Name: Todd Melville
Hometown: St. Catharines, ON
Years Playing Ultimate: 20

Favourite Ultimate Memory: Fostering a love of the game in the players I’ve coached and watching them move on to play at the university, club, and national level.

Who’s another PUL player you love to play with, and why? I love to play with our son’s (Aidan and Tristan). Enjoying the sport as a family is one of the things I love most about playing ultimate in Peterborough.

Favourite tournament and why?: The World Junior Ultimate Championships in Poland (2016) and Waterloo, ON (2018) were incredible to be a part of.  Meeting players and coaches from around the world is exciting, and participating in a WJUC event shows you that this is a sport that can be competitive and spirited at the highest level of the game. 

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