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Summer League Starts Next Week

We are so happy to announce that as of Monday May 15th the fields will be open which means our Summer League will officially start on Tuesday! Captain’s should have reached out to all team mates already, but in case they haven’t, get ready cause, game on!

The first few weeks of the schedule is up for each league. There may be some fine tuning that needs to happen so there is an even distribution of teams playing at different fields so please make sure you check your schedule each week.

We will be highlighting our Summer teams over a period of time through our social media sites, but for now please Meet your Summer Teams of 2023.

Lastly, we are introducing a new page on our website. It’s the Rule Quiz Page. You will find it under the Rules & Resources section of the top menu. It’s our attempt to help our PUL Community have a better understanding of the rules. We created 9 (10-12 questions each) quizzes on the rules of Ultimate. We tried to include scenarios that often happen on the field to help any disputes that may arise to be cleared up quickly and with good spirit. We’ve had all the quizzes vetted by one of our home-grown Observers, so we know they are up to date and accurate.