8-week Rule Challenge

Rankings Are In, But Oops…

I must start this week off with an apology. We have a correction and clarification to one of the questions. (Normally, I have an official observer proof the quiz before it gets sent out and that didn’t happen last week.)

The thrower does not get the throw off in time. You are the mark and announce “stall” (not contested) how does play commence from here? The ‘correct’ answer according to the question was ‘Both B and C’ meaning that both of the following should be true: You place the disc on the ground and after acknowledgment by the defense, touch the disc and loudly announce “in play” with a check AND Keep the disc and have the former thrower restart play with a check. Technically, neither of these are quite true. Under the current ruleset (Rule 15.A.3.a) If the stall is uncontested, the disc is returned to the thrower at the place of the stall. The thrower then places the disc on the ground and loudly announces “disc in” and the disc is in play. Notice that the former thrower does not need to initiate the new stall count, nor does the marker need to become the new thrower. 

These are older questions, and we’ve been updating them for the new ruleset, but this one slipped through – not unlike that squirrelly receiver making a mess of your cup.

So onto the results:

Team Week #5 Total
GreyHounds 12 52
Floppy Discs 7 22
Purple Haze 5 10
Taco Tuesday 2 17
Riverside Scorpions 3 17
Mettle 1 12
Wednesday 5 12
Cobra 3 11
Discpicable 2 10
Trailview Trappers 1 7
Thundercuts 2 7
Who Needs Glasses   6
Huckaholics 1 6
Vertigo 2 6
Mother Huckers 1 5
Pinko 2 5
Just Disc League 2 5
Discfunctional   3
Meh Yam   3
Big Rats 1 3
Gravity 1 3
Birches Be Wild   2
The Eh Team   2
Stripey 1 2
Discrhythmia   1
Gripe   1
Tequila & Lime   1
Corduroy Ptarmigans   1

I personally reviewed all the results. If you received 9/10 on your results AND the question you got wrong was the aforementioned one, I changed your result to a 10/10 and made sure to update the score to reflect the changes.

All that said, it seems like Floppy Discs are trying to make a play for the lead. There are three quizzes left, so if they got everyone from their team to participate it may be possible to take the lead.

Our PUL swag winner this week was Richard Haight of Greyhounds. Congrats Rich.

Our next quiz continues with more Marking Violations & Fouls. There are just so many. (And yes, this quiz has been vetted by a professional).

Good luck!

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