Monday Indoor has a Coordinator!

Yes, indoor ultimate is just around the corner. And we’ve got just the right people in charge: Dana Elliott will take on the reins of a fast and furious Monday; and once again, ChloĆ© Corbeil will be putting Thursday people in their place and on their teams.

We’re going to get going very soon: registration for both nights will begin on September 18 at 7 pm. As before, we’ll be doing a slightly tiered registration process, to make sure everyone gets at least one night of ultimate. On September 18, everyone gets to pick one night. On September 25, everyone gets to pick their second night.

With an extra hour of play on Monday – starting at 7 pm! – we’ve got a few more spots to go round.

For those of you who have played in past seasons, you’ll hear from your LC soon. If you’re looking to get into Indoor for the first time, keep paying attention to the PUL website for details.

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