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Letter of Interest

Three more sleeps until our first virtual AGM. Have you marked your calendar? If not, better do so.

We’ve had one Letter of Interest for board nomination, George Kovacs. I think some of you know him already 😉 Still, have a read.

Dear Members of PUL,
As you may know, I have been involved in the running of the Peterborough Ultimate League for many years now: three years as Thursday Indoor Coordinator; two as a member of the PUL Board and Chair of our Membership Committee; and two more as the President of the League. 
In that time, PUL sure has changed a lot! There have been a lot of initiatives that I have been proud to be a part of: our transition to on-field gender parity; redesign of our communications network (including an increased social media presence, the updating of our website, and the use of Mailchimp to introduce more effective mail outs); the building of a new summer tournament in Sun Jam; the increased growth of our Juniors Rec program; a complete revision of our PUL Constitution; clarification of our discipline and spirit structure, etc, etc, etc. None of these are my doing alone, of course: this league has an amazingly spirited membership, and I’m always astounded at what we accomplish year after year.
I see every one of these initiatives as ongoing projects, and with your permission, I’d like to continue for just a little bit longer.

My term as elected Board member is now complete, and to keep going, I need to stand for election once more. My personal goal here is one of transition. I spend a lot more time on the field chasing rather than being chased these days, and it’s about time for me to wind down my leadership activities for PUL and make room for new blood. To do that, I’d like to stand for the Board one more time and focus on these goals. This was my plan to begin with, but now, with the ongoing pandemic, I feel that I can bring a little continuity and stability to the league for another year at a time when we need it most.

I am happy to answer any questions and concerns you might have: please feel free to reach out to me directly:

Thanks for all the memories PUL…let’s make a few more!

All best,
George Kovacs

Voting will take place online as well. We will circulate a poll Thursday evening, and we will leave the voting open for 24hrs. Please remember to do your part.

And yes, more details on how to access the meeting to come. We hope to wee everyone on Thursday.

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