PUL is seeking a Wednesday Summer Coordinator

February 11th, 2018

As you may have heard, Wednesday night is changing! The PUL Board has voted on a draft-style 7-on-7 league, not unlike what we currently run in the winter indoor leagues. Exact details are to be determined…perhaps by YOU!

PUL is now seeking a coordinator for the Wednesday Summer League. The attached document gives a full breakdown of duties, but broadly speaking: work with captains for the running of the league, assist with recruitment to ensure an even number of full teams, monitor league process, arrange finals, handle any incidents that may arise. Attend roughly four meetings of the Membership Committee. Some experience in PUL is pretty much a must.

The selection of a candidate ultimately rests with the PUL Board, but interested candidates should send a letter of interest to George Kovacs (membership@pultimate.ca) by February 28, 2018.

Do not be daunted by the formality of the application process! If you’re interested, and think you’re qualified, please apply. If you know someone who might be good for the position…encourage them to apply! If you want more information, you can contact George. Outgoing LC Gabe Huebsch and Operations Coordinator Jocelyne Stone also stand poised to offer support to this new position.

Posted by George Kovacs

Ontario Ultimate Board Position Open

February 6th, 2018

One of the biggest parts of running a successful volunteer organization is its board. They help lead and guide the organization and all of its supporters. Ontario Ultimate now has 6 of 7 board positions filled and are looking to fill that last one.

They’ve identified a need for a Coaching Focused Director. Developing coaches in Ultimate is the key in both recreational and competitive play. Building a more effective community stream of coach development will help with all of the Junior programs and eventually lead our adult teams. Alongside that building, the competitive stream coaches will bring the competitive teams to that next level and make Ontario more visible on the world stage.

What the position would entail would be 1 board meeting a month (1-2 hours), working with their team to build contact and connections throughout Ontario to make hosting NCCP Coaching Clinics more streamlines, and most importantly be their liaison with Ultimate Canada to help develop new coaching content and ensure coaches voices are heard.

If interested in applying, or if you just would like more information, please contact Will Santos, President of Ontario Ultimate at president@ontarioultimate.ca


Posted by Jocelyne Stone

Chuck’s Berries Let it Rock in epic final vs 27UP

January 31st, 2018


Thursday finals brought about Good Vibrations as spectators were treated to a spirited back and forth battle between Chuck’s Berries and 27UP. The Berries had it Reelin’ and Rockin’ early going up 3-0, but 27 UP Won’t back down and brought back to a tie quickly.

A one for one battle developed with each team leaving a Piece of their Heart on the field, with hard D, spirited O and a whole lot of Courage.

Up by 1 with 2 minutes to play, the Berries looked to put up a Wall and defend against a potential universe point.  27 UP marched it up the field, but couldn’t quite Come Together for that tying point.

Congrats to Chuck’s Berries for a hard fought victory. And to everyone for a fun season of closely contested games.

Thank you to captains, George Kovacs, Phil Reid, Dave French, Dan Chronowic, Brian Tighe and John Desbiens for all their hard work herding cats, oops I mean, finding subs, communicating schedules and locking up the dome this session.

Until next time, Keep on rockin’ in the free world!  …wait, he’s not dead


Posted by Holly