Welcome New Players!

On behalf of the Peterborough Ultimate League (PUL), welcome to the league and the sport of Ultimate.

As you may already know, ultimate is a co-ed, team-based sport that is athletic, fun and that places a strong emphasis on mutual respect. You’ll hear the term Spirit of the Game (SOTG) being used (or just ‘good spirit’) and this is the magical sauce that sets ultimate apart from those ‘other’ sports. Ultimate relies on the spirit or belief that all players regardless of skill, gender or size deserve respect and fair opportunities for play and success on the eld. As a self-refereed sport, the game places responsibility on each player to be govern how the game is played and how the rules are applied in competition. You will learn what it’s like to make your own calls instead of relying on a referee and how to resolve issues in a way that you don’t necessarily encounter in other sports. It’s a different experience for newcomers and takes a bit of getting used to, but you’ll get the hang of it. Best to experience the game rather than try to explain it too much here.

As for the league, this PUL’s 14th year. We’ve grown tremendously over the past decade and we are topping the 550 mark with our adult league this year. Add juniors into the mix and PUL is over 700 registered members. This ranks PUL as one of the largest leagues per capita in the country, but we’re trying not to count such things.

Still, we’re very proud of what PUL has achieved to date and we think we’re a popular alternative to more conventional sports because ultimate blends the athletic outlet people want, healthy social interaction, and a community-minded spirit that lends strength both on the field and off. Know this: PUL is big on community and our volunteer support is solid. If you want to get involved, opportunities often arise to help with tournaments, coaching, juniors, clinics, committees, and so on.

So again, welcome. Thanks for choosing to try Ultimate with PUL. We hope you enjoy your season and we are really pleased that you’re part of our community. See you on the field.

Andrea Maxie PUL President

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