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Ultimate is a co-ed, team-based sport that is athletic, fun and that places a strong emphasis on mutual respect. You’ll hear the term Spirit of the Game (SOTG) being used (or just ‘good spirit’) and this is the essence of ultimate and its players that really sets it apart from other sports. Ultimate relies on the spirit or belief that all players regardless of skill, gender, or size deserve respect and fair opportunities for play and success on the field. As a self-refereed sport, the game places responsibility on each player to be govern how the game is played and how the rules are applied in competition. You will learn what it’s like to make your own calls instead of relying on a referee and how to resolve issues in a way that you don’t necessarily encounter in other sports. It’s a different experience for newcomers and takes a bit of getting used to, but you’ll get the hang of it.

The best thing you can do to improve your game is to get out and toss the disc with a friend or teammate. If you happen to know a veteran, ask them to give you some pointers on techniques and then commit to practicing throughout the week. This will help make your game night more enjoyable.

Our website has a wealth of knowledge within it to help you learn and understand the game. Head to the top menu tabs on our site to learn more rules and resources of ultimate or to learn more about PUL and its people.

Video Resources

Below are a sample of videos from Youtube that will help explain the game, the lingo, how to throw, how to catch and how to mark. We’d like to thank Excel Ultimate, Triple S Games, Rowan McDonnell, Brodie Smith and Ryan Lowe (a past PUL player) for putting together these tutorials.

What is Ultimate

Ultimate Frisbee Lingo for Beginners

How to Throw a Frisbee for Beginners

Catching Secrets In Ultimate Frisbee

How to Mark In Ultimate Frisbee

How to Cut In Ultimate Frisbee

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