With Weiners and Winners…Tuesday is Complete!

The Tuesday night league has come to an end in style. Two hard fought games on both sides of the field. In the end, though, there could only be two teams taking home the trophies.

Weiner winners!

In the top-tier game, after a neck and neck opening half, High Frizz pulled away from Meh Yam, and never looked back. They are the proud custodians of the Big Weiner!

The Honey Badgers and the Eh Team remain BFFs.

On the other side of the field, the battle was close, but it was the Honey Badgers edging out the Eh Team. The Honey Badgers will now take care of that bicycle looking thing.

A huge shout of thanks to Tuesday League Coordinator Dave French. Thanks, Frenchie!

Wednesday has a winner too, but you’ll have to wait for pictures! Someone send me pictures please.

And…what’s this…it’s THURSDAY NIGHT? A couple more big games tonight! Who’s going home with those marbles or that bottom feeder cup??? Come on down to TASSS and be among the first to know! Games start at 7 pm.

There’s a Frenchie on the field!

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