Winner, Winner…

With regular league play now over we can announce the winners for Carbon Flip and Most Spirited Teams.

Carbon Flip is very near and dear to our league as it is one of Peterborough’s enduring contributions to this great game. It’s a measure taken to reduce our ecological footprint by encouraging car pooling or biking to games. We thank each team who actively participate in this initiative.

This years Carbon Flip Winners are:

Tuesday – Taco Tuesday

Wednesday – Big Red (1st half), Furious Shades of Hot (2nd half)

Thursday – Stripey McStripeFace

Last year was the first time we implemented Spirit Scores as we believed this initiative would help keep the games to be played with good intentions and well…spirit.

This years Spirit Winners are:

Tuesday – Mighty Hucks

Wednesday – Great White Buffalo: The Moby Dick of the Great Plains (1st half), Not Quite Ripe (2nd half)

Thursday – Thundercuts

Congratulations to all.



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