We’ve Got More to Thank

Emily Burns – Junior Recreational Coach

Name: Emily Burns
Hometown: Bridgenorth
Years Playing Ultimate: 5 years 

Why did you start playing Ultimate?  I grew up watching my dad play and he was an active member in the PUL community. 

Favourite tournament and why?  Nationals 2017 and Nationals 2018. I had so much fun playing with a great group of girls. A lot of hard work and skill development paid off! 

Favourite ultimate memory: In 2017 when we played in the mud on the Markham fields. We slid more than we ran. 

Kevin Coulter – Junior Recreational Coach

Name: Kevin Coulter
Hometown: Whitby originally, but I have lived in Peterborough for 17 years now.
Years Playing Ultimate: 14

Favourite thing about Peterborough Ultimate League: Meeting so many amazing people and life-long friends. Watching students develop the skill at an early age.

Why did you start playing Ultimate? Was looking for a co-ed sport to play with my wife.  We wanted to get some exercise and meet people in Peterborough.

What’s your “signature play” or throw? The Hammer !

Who’s another PUL player you love to play with, and why? Ian Potts, we started this sport together and have been on multiple teams together.  He’s a great friend and we know how to read each other on the field.

What’s a skill you’re working on right now? Just trying hard to keep up with the youth and not having a heart attack!

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