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Looking for Some Dedicated People

Do you have some free time and feel like getting involved with this awesome sport of ultimate, but at a different level? We’ve got plenty of opportunities to choose from.

League Coordinators

At the centre of PUL are the summer seasons, the leagues where it all began. This year we say a tearful ‘so long’ to Tuesday Coordinator Liz Maxwell and Thursday Coordinator Ryan Lowe. You could be their replacement!
Commitment: Busiest in the spring, prepping the leagues, requires some attention throughout the summer.

Tuesday Summer League Coordinator
Seeking a qualified individual to take on Summer Tuesday. The League Coordinator is responsible for overall direction, management and coordination of the Tuesday league. The summer league begins the beginning of May and runs until the end of August. The League Coordinator should be accessible via email throughout the week and accessible via text or phone on Tuesdays.

Thursday Summer League Coordinator
Seeking a qualified individual to take on Summer Thursday. All the requirements are the same as what’s needed for the Tuesday Summer League Coordinator, just on a different night…Thursday. (Which means you should be accessible via email through the week, and by text or phone on Thursday’s).

For the full job description click Tuesday Summer or Thursday Summer.

All Letters of Interest to be submitted to Brad Sawdon.

Deadline for Letter of Interest December 11th.

PUL Committees

The PUL Board works pretty hard to keep the league running, but they could use some help! The following are areas that we’ve targeted for extra support from the PUL community. Each committee makes recommendations for final approval from the Board.
Commitment: A handful of meetings a year, usually through fall-winter-spring.

Finance Committee(Chair: Andrew Smith)
Responsible for assisting and advising the Treasurer, and reporting to the Board, with respect to the preparation of the annual budget and financial statements, and analysis and reporting with respect to significant financial decisions. League Treasurer Andrew Smith has done a great job fine-tuning league finances, but now needs that extra support to enhance transparency and accountability, and to support decision making.

Player Development Committee (Chair: Myles Latter)
Interested in helping develop the players and culture in our league, through initiatives such as clinics, rule knowledge and integration, or spirit of the game, this is the spot for you.

Fields Committee (Chair: Brad Sawdon)
The Fields Committee is committed to securing field space to meet the current and future capacity needs of all PUL programs and to establish a centralized location (or several locations) where our membership can develop a sense of community.

Right now, Membership and Juniors Committees are chugging along, but if you’re interested in either of these, give them a shout.

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