Glenn laying out for a disc

Wednesday’s 5v5 – It’s Happening

The game of 5v5 style play has been rise across other Canadian Ultimate leagues over the last few years. PUL has decided we’d best see what all the hype is about. So this year, Wednesday is changing from 7v7 to 5v5. The gender ratio will be 3:2 (men, women).

We have to say we’re pretty excited. Word on the street is this small sided game helps promote development of players, as there is definitely more opportunity to touch the disc, and make decisions on game play.

We also love how we will be able to have four games to one field. The way we see things is this will help bring back that sense of PUL community.

How the field is divided for 5v5.

Registration will be done on an individual basis again this year, with teams made up by draft format. Season will cost $75. It’s a bargain for a whole lot of fun. Registration will open later this month. Keep checking back for updates.

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