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This Is Your Brain

Concussions, and more importantly, concussion awareness has become a hot topic over the last little while. And for good reason. Brain health matters.

Rowan’s Law makes it mandatory for Sports Organizations to:

  1. ensure that athletes under 26 years of age, parents of athletes under 18, coaches, team trainers and officials confirm every year that they have reviewed Ontario’s Concussion Awareness Resources
  2. establish a Concussion Code of Conduct that sets out rules of behaviour to support concussion prevention
  3. establish Removal-from-Sport and Return-to-Sport protocol

PUL has decided to take it one step further and make it mandatory for ALL members to sign the Concussion Code of Conduct. This waiver will come into effect January 2020. It will be linked to your Zurulu account, like your insurance waiver, and will need to be read and signed to maintain an active membership. Like your insurance waiver, this will be done on a yearly basis.

The Return-to-Sport Protocol has been created and will also come into effect for PUL members January 2020. We are working on our Removal-from-Sport Protocol. Players will be removed from sport immediately if they have hit their head…that part is easy, but are having difficulties with where the ownership of responsibility falls to; the player, captain, league coordinator, board… If you have any thoughts, don’t hesitate to contact your OC, Jocelyne Stone.

For all things related to Rowan’s Law and PUL’s Concussion Protocols, check out our new Rowan’s Law Page.

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