The Spiplex is closed…to us

Late Friday, we received word that the new owners of the Spiplex would no longer be taking bookings for the winter season. By mid-Monday, the reason had become clear: they are no longer supporting field sports, and converting to a basketball facility. Looks like some leagues were caught even more off guard than we were, with active bookings simply being terminated.

We’re looking into this, but it sounds like it may already be fait accompli, with little recourse. We’ve had no direct contact with the new owners, with all communication mediated through the previous owners. It sounds like even they have not been able to speak to the new owners directly, only some middle management.

This is just one more piece of a really crappy puzzle. Operations Coordinator Jocelyne Stone is trying to get more information, and the Board will be meeting soon anyway to discuss our plans for Summer 2021 (and yes, we are starting to form a positive plan for summer play).

If we learn more, so will you.

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