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Erica Newton – Player Development Committee Member

Name: Erica Newton
Hometown: Bridgewater, Nova Scotia
Years Playing Ultimate: 15

Favourite Ultimate Memory: During a game? Playing with Foxx at a tournament two years ago, going airborne beside Tara McLeod doing the exact same thing for an amazing layout D!

Favourite thing about Peterborough Ultimate League: Recognizing someone every time I go for a walk anywhere within a 50 km radius of Peterborough.

Why did you start playing Ultimate? It was the only team sport I felt confident playing. Still is!

Who’s another PUL player you love to play with, and why? Kerri Kightley. She is a pleasure to play with – such a reliable player and such a positive personality.

Favourite tournament and why?: SunJam/Ecodisc. I love dressing up for tourneys, love biking to the tournament, and sleeping in my own bed!

Craig MacVichie – (And his lovely daughter Juliet) Can you tell he is a Junior Coach?

Name: Craig MacVichie 
Hometown: Peterborough 
Years Playing Ultimate: 10

Favourite Ultimate Memory: Lucan throwing a chicken wing to Ian to
clinch the boneyard championship 

Favourite thing about Peterborough Ultimate League: The people!!!!

Why did you start playing Ultimate? My brother suggested I get my old self off the couch. 

Why do you still play Ultimate? Stay fit and hang out with my friends. 

What’s your “signature play” or throw? It’s probably signature if it
doesn’t get d-blocked. 

Who’s another PUL player you love to play with, and why? I love
playing with my better half, Ian Potts. He always helps me keep it fun and is always ready to crack a joke and make me smile. 

What’s a skill you’re working on right now? To not have a heart attack. 
Favourite tournament and why?: not a tourney guy. 

Weirdest thing you ever dressed up as for an ultimate tournament?:
Still waiting to use my hotdog costume. 

What do you do other than play Frisbee (e.g. work, fun, family)? I
play basketball in the winter.  

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