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Seeking League Coordinator for Monday Indoor

Winter indoor games may seem like a distant memory with this week’s time cap taking us well into the evening, but your PUL Board needs to find and appoint the next fantastic PUL person to fill the Monday Indoor League Coordinator position! 

Could it be you?! HECK YEAH!

The League Coordinator is an esteemed individual who acts as the glue that holds it all together on those cold winter nights out at the Spiplex. Much of the League Coordinator’s important work happens before the season even starts: connecting players with teams, and organizing the highly competitive Players’ Draft with a group of ambitious Captains, all with a keen eye on putting together that roster with just the right je ne sais quoi to take home the Toboggan. League Coordinators also sit on the Membership Committee, which is full of more awesome PUL peeps (like you!) and meets about four times a year.

Check out the full details of the position on the link below! Interested parties can submit their letter of intent and any questions to Shivaan Burke at fields@pultimate.ca by the August 15th deadline.

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