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Hello PUL Community,

We hope you were all able to get outside over the weekend and enjoy that spectacular weather. The sun sure felt nice on my face. The burn I got, not so much!

Your PUL Executive has been diligently meeting to discuss the future of PUL and what our summer play MAY look like. There are so many factors that make decisions moving targets, but they are staying nimble to be able to adapt to all things covid related.

They have voted to change the date of our AGM. Normally held near the beginning of April will be moved to early fall. This will allow for our community to get some play time under our belts, and reacquaint ourselves to the game we are so passionate about. This change in date will also help our recruiting efforts as we will be saying goodbye to a number of our Executive members this year, and need time to reengage our community to have volunteers step up into their places. Just think, the future of PUL could be yours to help rebuild. And after a year on pause it’s a great opportunity to rethink what was and what may be. Maybe you are already interested in being a part of that future. If so, feel free to contact PUL President George Kovacs, or any other of our board members (which you can find on our website).

The Executive will also be holding a virtual meeting, Monday April 26th, 7:00-8:00 (the original date of online registration). Call it a Q&A or a PUL social. It will be a way for us to connect to talk about the upcoming summer ahead. So mark the date on your calendar. 

There is much to be getting excited about; the sun and warmer weather,  the increased speed of vaccination role out, and that summer league is around the corner.

Hang tight friends. We are nearly there. We can’t wait to see you.



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