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Look Who Turned 15!

If you can remember it, 2005 doesn’t seem that long ago… but Tinder, Twitter, and Instagram didn’t exist. Heck, the iPhone wasn’t even created yet. Do you know what did happen? YouTube posted itsfirst ever video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jNQXAC9IVRw ), Lance Armstrong won his seventh Tour de France, and Harvest ran for the very first time. It didn’t turn out great for Lance, but YouTube and Harvest are still going strong!

15 years of Harvest!! This feat is only possible with the dedicated support of the Ultimate community,and the volunteers that have donated countless hours over the years. For their help this year, we’d like togive a shout out to all of our volunteers/donors that helped make Harvest another huge success this year.

Thank you to Adrienne Padget, who did another amazing job designing the Harvest logo. Thank you to Jeremy Moore, a long time supporter of the tournament and PUL in general, for his help (along with SteamWhistle) to provide our Friday night beverages and portions of our prize packs (spirit and championship) throughout the weekend. Thank you to Yannick, Tim, and The Night Kitchen staff for their dedication to this tournament. Their delicious pies are a hit for tournament goers. To our soup
makers (many of them doing this multiple times), John Desbiens and Stacy Kirkbride, Steph Wood, Holly Simpson, Jen Kazda, and Luky Corfu along with the students at Northhumberland Centre for Individual Studies… thank you for helping us feed all of the Harvest faithful. Thank you to Cara and Aaron Rutter for making the delicious treats that are shared around the campfires and are part of our spirit prizes. Also, thank you to Tyler Steeves for donating some of his product That Dam Tea for the
spirit prizes. Thank you to Myles at Renegade Apparel for his help in providing our volunteers with shirts. He has been a long time sponsor/supplier of PUL and Harvest. Thank you to our league president George Kovacs for all of his help over the weekend (field crew, MTA/bracket guru, and finals observer).
Thank you to the rest of team orange (observers), Richard Haight, Steve Coe and Aaron Rutter, who agreed to help out after a full weekend of tournament play and after competing for, and winning, the Braggart’s Bushel. Lastly, a big thank you to all of field crew (Alyson Werger, Chloe Corbeil, Corey
Duff, Dana Elliott, Darryl LaPlante, Deanna Vandenbroek, Tanya Rizza, Tara McLeod
), for all of their hard work and dedication over the entire weekend. Many of them sacrificed playing to donate their time.*

As for the tournament, this year was made a little extra special (more than just the 15 th year) as both of the finals (Braggart’s Bushel and Championship) had a large contingent of Peterborough peeps playing for Harvest Glory. Our dear friend Laura Chambers-Davidson, who every year is in the running for
winning the party at Harvest, took home top honours this year, with her team Pax 6 winning Harvest. Pax 6 beat out Anuhea Wise and Tim Weatherup’s team Hammajang in a great finals game. Skwash (50% PUL members) took home the Braggarts Bushel, with a win over DMD.

Tournament Winners break down:
Pax 6 – Harvest Champions
Hammajang – Championship runners up
Skwash – Braggarts Bushel Champions
DMD – Braggarts Bushel runners up
Pax 6 – Saturday spirit prize winners
Shark Week – Saturday spirit prize runners up
Mighty Hucks – Sunday spirit prize winners
DMD – Sunday spirit prize runners up
Dump Truck – Sunday spirit prize runners up

*The above was written by our Harvest TDs, Don and Sarah Hellemen. And we can’t quite finish off this post without acknowledging their hard work, time and overall dedication for all things Harvest the past 4 years.


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