It’s Been a Busy Week

Monday night saw the start of our Junior Recreational Program. Normally this is run solely in Bridgenorth, but with the state of the weather, and more specifically the fields, we moved to Trent and used their turf.

U11 Team – being studious and learning a skill.
U13/15 Crew playing a game.
U9’s and their coaches wrapping it up for the night.

We had 140 kids and 30+ coaches on the field. There were streaks of sun and bits of rain and a lot of wind, but every single person seemed to have fun.

Look at that amazing group of coaches.

Next up we ran our Beginner’s Clinic at the Fleming Turf. As stated, you didn’t need to be a true beginner to join in the fun and learning. And so 13 people joined PUL grown Steph Wood and Myles Latter for an evening of drills, skills and by the looks of things…fun.

Fun in the sun!

Last up was our Throwing Clinic with Ultimate Rob. We were back at the Trent turf for this fun evening. The rain held off most of the day, until about 6:02 and then rained HARD until about 7:53, which was perfectly timed for our clinic. It might have stopped a few people from coming out, but not many.

It’s hard to tell, but I don’t think anyone had a dry part left on them.

A huge thank you to all our volunteers who help make things at PUL. But the loudest needs to go out to Steph Wood and Myles Latter who ran all the clinics. We have much better players in our league because of you.

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