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Games Start This Week

Thank you PUL players for your patience with us (and the weather) for the delay with the start of our season. (Historically we started this week last year as well.) The forecast for this week is sun, so hopefully that helps make the fields a little less soft.

That said, there are a few things to take note of:

Trent fields are still soaked and therefore closed. We will not be using these fields until further notice. (Which means we will need to squeeze two games on the small Bridgenorth fields on Tuesday for sure. It was that or another week delay. We thought it was a no-brainer.)

A few fields are still relatively soft. Please be careful with them. If you create a divot by cutting too hard, please replace it.

Try and avoid the muddy pits at Adam Scott the best you can. We do need to use these fields all summer long.

Lastly, if there is standing water, it automatically means NO GAME. (If this should happen, please have your captain email either your Summer League Coordinator, or Jocelyne, your Operations Coordinator to let them know. (Any field we don’t use do to weather we don’t get charged for).

Have fun out there.

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