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Digital Slick: New Website, New Zuluru

By now many of you have surely noticed a new look for pultimate.ca. It’s cleaner, allows greater posting flexibility, better news feeds, and above all, it is mobility compliant…it should look good on your phone!  Gorgeous.  It also cleans up a lot of back-end stuff that, well, needed cleaning up. And we’ll be using some of the new site functions to better facilitate league communications, event organization, and more! We’ll keep you posted as these roll out.

Huge thanks to Ryan Lowe for making all this happen. And major props are owed too to Ryan Gorman, who generously hosted the old site for many years.

You’ll notice too that Zuluru is looking a little different. This is because Zuluru guru Greg Schmidt just happened to roll out Zuluru 3 a few weeks ago! Again, mobile compliance is a big part of this upgrade.

You might find some of your old bookmarks don’t work, especially for Zuluru, so update accordingly. If you find any bugs or difficulties in the near future, please hit up Ryan Lowe with an email. He’s trouble-shooting the new site, and can pass any Zuluru-related inquiries appropriately.

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