Stack of Discs at Spiplex

Clinic & Scrimmage at the Dome

Jenny Rivada over at Trent is working hard to kickstart a varsity-level team! There’s interest, but they’ve got to build and you build ultimate by playing ultimate. One of their first events is a combination clinic and scrimmage at the Spiplex on March 9, starting at 7 pm.

Cost is $20, and they’ll have the dome for two or three hours, depending on numbers. Contact Jenny at jenny.rivada (a), and be prepared to e-transfer cash to her by March 7: starving students and all that.

PUL’s own Kyle Hunter and George Kovacs will be on hand to help run some drills before a scrimmage.

Please bring a white and dark jersey, as well as water and your energy. It’s sure to be a fun evening.

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