Thursday Playoffs Are Go!


Bring your cheers, bring your jeers, bring your possibly rhyming beverages: it’s Thursday playoff season once again. This from LC Chloé Corbeil:

They’re finally here! It’s playoff time! 

Here’s our schedule for week one: 

  • Game C  (6:30) : Mah-na, Mah-na (5) vs Huck-a-Snuffleupagus (6)
  • Game A (7:50): Aunt Flo-rence Nightengale (1) vs 123,45,678910,11,12 (4)
  • Game  B (9:10): Snuffleupadisc (2)  vs It’s Not Easy Being Green (3)

Schedule for finals week: 

  • Game E (6:30): Winner Early Game vs Higher Seeded loser of A/B
  • Game D (8:00): Winner A vs Winner B (Championship game)
  • Game F (9:20): Loser C vs Lower Seeded Lower of A/B

Looking forward to it! 

“Chloé Corbeil” rhymes with “Indoor Thursday”

Chloé Corbeil

I’m no poet, but I know what sounds good: Chloé Corbeil will be the new League Coordinator for our Thursday Indoor seasons! She replaces the mighty Holly McEnaney in that role, and we’re all excited to have her on board!

With the weather forecast this week, the last place you’ll want to be is under a huge plastic dome. Let’s not hasten them, but those days will return. Look to this space for more updates toward the end of summer.