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Bring Your Disc To Work Day

Brought to you by Ultimate Canada, bring your disc to work day is back!

When: SEPTEMBER 27, 2018 (all day)
Where: Work/School/Community
What: An opportunity to share the sport we love with those around us!
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Bring your disc to work, school or out into the community and capture the moment. The aim behind this photo contest is to share ultimate with the people we interact with day-to-day. Submit a photo of you and your disc in your surroundings for a chance to win awesome prizes!
Please share and encourage your friends, family and teammates to take their disc to work and promote ultimate across the country.
Photo Contest
For the everyday disc enthusiast! Bring your disc to work, school or out into the community and snap a pic! Submit it to the contest Facebook Event with #bydtwd2018 #photocontest
Special Media Contest
Go above and beyond! Send in a Gif, video, meme or any other creative submission you can dream up. This is for the ultimate disc lovers of Canada. On September 27, go the extra mile and spread the love of ultimate at work, school or in your community with a mini-media post! Make sure to include the #bydtwd2018
Submission guidelines:
Via Facebook: submit a photo to the group with a fun caption!
Via Instagram: tag @ultimate_canada and hashtag #bydtwd2018 to be considered!
Via Email: email with your name, caption and photo!
The submissions with the most traction online will be considered for final judgement. Top submissions will be assessed by an expert panel of Ultimate Canada judges. Winners will be announced the following week!
Prizes include a custom sticker award disc with your winning photo on it, a shoutout on the Ultimate Canada website and credit to VC’s online store, amount TBD.
Thank you and we are looking forward to another great BYDTWD!

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