Exhibition Week for Tuesday League

Game on!


Tuesday May 15th kicks of Tuesday Summer League with clinic style exhibition match ups. Meet at your fields at 6:45pm. Time cap is 8:35pm. Bring a light and dark shirt just in case. Have Fun!

Match Ups

Just Disc League Honey Badgers Holy Cross 1
Discrhythmia Floppy Discs Holy Cross 2
Throwback Electric City Stunners Fleming Turf 1
High Frizz Mighty Hucks Fleming Turf 2
Sloth Assault Hard to Get St. Pete’s 1
The Eh Team Purple Hayze St. Pete’s 2
Wouldchucks Steel Traps Bridgenorth 1
Mayhem Limp Discit Bridgenorth 2
Mother Huckers Birches be Wild Adam Scott 1
Tequila and Lime Taco Tuesday Adam Scott 2


Tuesday League Delayed :(

Image result for wet field duck

Unfortunately, wet fields are fit for ducks, but not for Ultimate. We will be delaying the start of Tuesday Night Ultimate until May 15th. Get in touch with your captain for more info.