Air Quality and PUL

As I am sure many are aware of the first fire situation in Ontario and Quebec is a growing concern. Many parts of the Province have an air quality warning for the coming days. Although Peterborough Ultimate does not have a formal  Air Quality Policy, Ultimate Canada does. You can find the policy here if you would like to read it in full: Ultimate Canada ( As we are a member of Ultimate Canada, we will refer to their guidance on such matters.

You can see the predictions through the link below. According to the policy we are to use the maximum potential predictions to plan our games and practices.
Ontario – Air Quality Health Index (AQHI) – Environment Canada (

If your area is predicted to be in the 4-6 range during practices and training the following adjustments are required:

  • Reduce practice intensity.  Little to no full out sprinting or scrimmaging for long periods of time.  Fitness that will not create players intensely out breath.
  • Reduce practice duration.  Ending early or starting late looking at when the highest levels of pollutants are forecast to be present.
  • Add rest periods to your practice.  Coaches please take at least twice the number of breaks and monitor your players for signs of labored breathing or discomfort.

Should the conditions change, and our air quality index rises to 7 or above, practice should be cancelled immediately.  

League games have some slight differences in that there are no restrictions for an air quality of 4-6.  However, erring on the side of caution is never a bad idea.  PUL may be applying restrictions to our league games to be safe.

All games should be cancelled once a level of 7+ has been reached or is forecast.

PUL will be making a call about games each day around 4:00pm. We will communicate with the Captains for the respective league night each day. Your captain will follow up with their teams.