Face Survey

AGM Details

Date: October 21
Time: 7 pm – 9 pm
Where: via Zoom 

Zoom link:  https://trentu.zoom.us/j/94257094546pwd=ZmltQVlwNGhVTFBzbWtxeWRjejR0Zz09


1. Welcome (7:00 pm)
2. Introduction of Board and OC (7:10)
3. President’s Report (7:20)
4. Remembering Stephen MacDougall (7:30)
5. Finances (7:45)
6. Elections (8:00)
7. Operations Coordinator Report (8:35)
7. Any Other Business (8:50)

This is a rough draft, and may see some changes. Most important here are the budget (which requires membership approval) and the elections.

Time cap of 9 pm is guaranteed and (who knows) maybe we can be a bit quicker than two hours!

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