PUL WordPress Training

A collection of WordPress training videos, prioritized by importance. Learn how to create an event, best practices for creating a post, how to feature a post, embed videos and more.

How to Create a Blog Post

I forgot to mention in the video that you can (and should) select multiple categories when applicable. I actually should have also checked off the “News” category for the post I created. I also should have mentioned that posts should always have a large, wide, not-very-tall landscape oriented picture set as the featured image. The theme uses featured images, and so does Facebook, so it’s great to add them every time a new post is published!

How to Upload PDFs and other documents

This video shows how to upload and link to PDFs and other documents directly within a page, post, or event.

How to Upload PDFs, Drag and Drop

How to Create an Event

How to Feature a Blog Post

Accessing Form Data and Settings

Virtual Form Builder (VFB Pro in the sidebar) is where all form data lives, except for the “Subscribe to PUL Emails” MailChimp form. This video shows how to access existing form submissions and other email rules. Thanks George.

How to Clean Up Your Dashboard

Embed a YouTube Video

Simply paste the URL to the YouTube video on a new line, and it will automatically embed the video in your post or page.

How to Auto-Publish Posts to Facebook

If a PUL WordPress user can publish posts, that user also has the ability to auto-publish to the PUL Facebook page providing that person is also an admin for the PUL Facebook page. Ron Savoy is the one who is able to add Facebook admins.

Adding and Editing Board Members

Adding and Connecting PUL Board Email Aliases in G Suite and Gmail

This video shows how to add PUL email aliases in G Suite and connect them to personal email addresses under the board@pultimate.ca address. Routing to personal email addresses is done using filters within the board@pultimate.ca Gmail account.

Adding Categories to MailChimp for Email Subscription

Every time the categories change in WordPress, or a new category is added, it needs to be reflected within MailChimp in order for “Subscribe to Category” functionality to keep working. So let’s try not to mess with the categories!

This video is only in here in case I forget how I did this… or if I die and someone else needs to learn how to do it. Otherwise it can be ignored and all will be fine.