Volunteers Screening & Reference Check Policy

  1. This policy applies to the following positions:
    1. League coordinators
    2. Tournament directors (Harvest, SunJam)
  2. Position descriptions
    1. The Board will approve all positions descriptions
  3. Position postings
    1. The Board will post a request for applications for any available position on the PUL website and social media sites for a period of two weeks
  4. Applications
    1. Interested candidates will submit a letter of interest, outlining their skills and experience as they relate to the position requirements
    2. The Board may ask for additional information from any candidate upon review of applications
  5. Candidate selection
    1. Candidate selection is managed by the Board
    2. The Board will select the most qualified candidate by reviewing letters of interest and any additional information requested and, if deemed appropriate, an interview process
    3. The Board will contact all applicants once a decision has been reached
  6. Position transition
    1. Whenever possible, the Board will support a transition period between the outgoing and incoming volunteer
    2. If no transition period is possible, the Board will facilitate training by qualified PUL members (e.g., a person currently filling a similar role)
  7. Notice of resignation
    1. PUL volunteers will, whenever possible, provide ample notice of resignation to the Board. The Board suggests the following deadlines:
      1. Summer and Junior league coordinators: December 31
      2. Winter league coordinators: June 30
      3. Tournament directors: upon submission of tournament report, due two months post-tournament