Possible COVID-19 Case in PUL

Email 2 (March 19)

Yesterday I sent an email to all players involved in our current Thursday league. I am sending it again, this time to all PUL Members, in part to be as transparent as I possibly can, and in part to ensure that this message gets the broadest possible coverage (Zuluru-sent emails like yesterday’s sometime hit the spam folder). Please spread the word, especially if you know of anyone present as a spectator (and thus not within our email coverage).

Naturally, a few people have reached out for further details. I understand that: this is an evolving situation and there is so much we do not yet understand. Note that I cannot release the private health information of our players.

I cannot add much at this time, but I have been in communication (not contact) with the individuals involved, and I will note the following:
– two players were tested, but only one played, that player was showing no symptoms;
– the two players were tested according to the same vector: both had contact with the second Peterborough case announced yesterday; 
– I received this from them this morning: “Also, thank you for the well-wishes.  Health-wise we are faring quite well but some good juju from friends always helps.” So please, folks, make with the good juju.

To the questions, “Did they play on my team?”; “Did they use the washrooms/change rooms?” etc, my answer is “Assume that they did”. This thing moves around, and it doesn’t really matter which bench a player sat on. I’ll reiterate the need for self-isolation and careful management of your personal health. Contact info for the Peterborough Health Unit (don’t go to the ER!) is in my email below.

I will pass on information as I receive it, positive or negative.

All best,

Email 1 (Mar 18)

Dear Thursday Night PUL Players,

I have been contacted by a player in our Thursday night league informing me that they are a possible vector for the coronavirus. In their words, but my emphasis and a couple edits:

“I just found out that I have had close contact with an individual who has been diagnosed with covid19.  I have been experiencing mild symptoms for the last 3-4 days [this would mean Sunday or Monday], however my exposure could have been quite a bit earlier. Reaching out to you because I did play the early game on Thursday 12 March at the Spiplex.  Getting tested this afternoon [March 18] but results take about four days.  Thought that it may be worth you sending something out throughout PUL that exposure is not unlikely and to be observant and diligent.  I will be happy to keep you posted on the status of my test results and whatever else might be helpful.”

I have asked the player to get in touch when they have the results of the test, and I will pass that information on as soon as I have it.

That was almost a week ago, but please bear in mind that symptoms can take 2-14 days to manifest, or might not even manifest at all. If you were in the Spiplex at all on Thursday, but especially for that early game, please make sure that you are self-isolating, even if you are not manifesting any symptoms.

It is difficult to comprehend how quickly this situation has evolved. A week ago, there were no confirmed cases in Peterborough or the surrounding area. But with the way this virus has spread around the globe, we always knew to expect cases here in Ptbo. The only way to mitigate the spread in our community is to self-isolate, and work together to support each other through these crazy times. This virus does not pick favourites. We are all in this together. The drastic evolution of this situation is hard to comprehend and we encourage all PUL members to follow the recommendations of public health officials and self-isolate now, if you haven’t already. 

A reminder that anyone who thinks they may have contacted this virus is being asked NOT to go to Emergency or to PRHC. 

If you begin to experience symptoms of COVID-19 contact Peterborough Public Health at 705–743-1000 x401 or email covid19@peterboroughpublichealth.ca to find out more about being tested. 

As I say, I will pass on more information as soon as I have it.

All best,