League & Playoff Participation Policy

    • Any playoff substitute player must be a registered PUL member in good standing.
    • Substitute players must be of equal skill level to the player being replaced. (The opposing captain has the right to refuse the player declared if they feel this player is a significant upgrade from the one being replaced)
    • Substitute players must ┬ábe declared to and agreed upon by the opposing captain. For the sake of avoiding conflict, it is encouraged captains declare subs as soon as possible to the opposing captain.
    • For playoff participation, a substitute player must have played a minimum of 4 regular season summer games (3 regular season winter games) with that same team to qualify.
    • Players coming back from injury may be treated to a different assessment.
    • In order to enforce these conditions and foster fair play, we rely on the honour system and on our team captains. Please abide by the Spirit of the Game when dealing with this issue.
    • Teams who knowingly abuse the tenets of this policy may be disqualified from playoffs.