Juniors Participation Policy

Peterborough Ultimate greatly values its Junior players and works to foster an environment that protects the physical and emotional well-being of players under the age of 18. The purpose of this policy is to provide an exemption process for properly supervised Junior players (age 15-17) to apply to participate, where appropriate, in adult PUL Leagues and/or events.

All Junior-aged players (15-17), who are interested in playing in the PUL adult league must adhere to the PUL Juniors Exemption Policy.  Any adult league team that has a Junior aged participant/member must ensure that their rostered players adhere to the Juniors Exemption Policy.


For more information, refer to the Juniors Exemption Policy.

Please click here if you wish to complete the PUL Juniors Exemption Form, and here if you need to complete the Responsible Adult Form.  For any questions, please contact Jocelyn Blazey at juniors@pultimate.ca

*A junior is defined as a member/participant who is 15-17 years by Dec 31 of that calendar year.