Juniors Competitive U14-U19

The PUL Juniors Competitive Club Program is focused on providing a positive, fun and competitive environment for youth to develop skills, grow as athletes and excel in the sport of ultimate. PUL is seeking to promote a brand of youth ultimate that is focused on Spirit of the Game alongside team and individual development and will provide the opportunity for youth to experience playing ultimate at a provincial level.  

There is both a Junior Open (Men’s) team, Rogue Squadron. As well as a Junior Women’s team, Soar. Both teams are for youth who are aged 13-18.

Please note that the competitive teams do not play in a league, but instead, participate in a program structured more around in-depth practices, with participation in tournaments and the exhibition games.

Please contact  Jocelyne Stone at operations@pultimate.ca for more information.

Also, please note that financial assistance may be available.

Soar with Durham Nightfury, 2016
Rogue Squadron, 2016
Soar, 2016
Soar, 2016

Thanks to Eye to Ngai for the photos.