Incident Report Policy

PUL is committed to providing a safe and healthy environment in which people can enjoy the sport of ultimate. Given that this is a self-refereed sport and that, on occasion, serious incidents occur, it is up to all players involved to submit an incident report. The league has provided an online form to ensure that submitting a report is effortless.


When serious incidents take place during games, they must be immediately dealt with in an attempt of on-field resolution. An incident report must be led for each serious incident and will be forwarded to the League Coordinator. League Coordinators may forward incident reports to the Membership Committee, which will address issues within the framework provided in the Safe Conduct Policy.

Examples of serious incidents include:

  • Physical Violence
  • Dangerous or Reckless Play
  • Cheating or Overly Poor Spirit
  • Unsafe Playing Conditions
  • Injury*

An incident report should provide as clear a portrayal of the circumstances as possible – the people involved, the key facts of the situation, as well as the resolution or lack thereof. Without an incident report issues of concern are considered hearsay and effectively non-issues – i.e. league coordinators and PUL administrators cannot take appropriate action if there is no record of such issues. Any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your specific league coordinator.

All incidents will be following our Incident Investigation Process

*Please note it’s important that the league know about injuries not just for the health of players, but also if field conditions were a contributing factor.

*Also of note any insurance injury claims must be reported within 30 days of the injury and a copy of the incident report must be attached.

You can find the incident report form here.