Finance Committee


    • The overall objective of the PUL Finance Committee will be to assist the PUL Board of Directors in ensuring PUL continues to be operated in a financially responsible and sustainable manner.
    • The Finance Committee will accomplish this objective through the review and analysis of all items impacting PUL financial matters, and providing the PUL Board of Directors with recommendations and insight regarding these items.  
    • These financial items may include PUL’s financial policies and procedures; any forecasted financial projections and budgets for PUL as a whole or individual leagues; any PUL financial statements and reports, including comparison of the results achieved to those forecasted; and, the general management of PUL funds.

Statement of Intent:

    • The PUL Finance Committee will act as is the primary advisory body to the PUL Board of Directors regarding all matters pertaining to thefinances of PUL, providing insight, recommendations and feedback wherever possible relating to any PUL financial matters.  

For additional information regarding the PUL Finance Committee’s Statement of Intent and Objectives, please refer to the full Terms of Reference for the committee.

For more information about joining a committee, please email our Treasurer.