Fields Committee


        • Work independently and with PUL President to explore options and secure field space for all PUL programs schedule in the year. 
        • Develop and maintain relationships with Peterborough regional developers. Ensure PUL is considered and kept up to date involving City Development Plans and ensure that enough field space is maintained throughout the City and surrounding areas to meet PUL’s ongoing needs.
        • Work with Board of Directors to explore options and generate a plan for securing permanent or semi‐permanent field space in the future either through ownership or Crown lease holding. 
        • Once ownership or lease situation is established by the PUL, prioritize development of fields to meet PUL’s needs, manage and promote field space to external users, oversee field maintenance. 


Statement of Intent:

      • Work to secure field space to meet the current and future capacity needs of all PUL programs and to establish a centralized location (or several locations) where our membership can develop a sense of community.


For more information about joining a committee, please email your friendly OC.