Discipline Policy

The overriding objectives are to maintain a fun and safe environment at all games and PUL sanctioned events and to maintain good relationships with our field providers and the public. Participation in any PUL function signifies acceptance of this policy. This policy complements the Code of Conduct and Safe Conduct Policy and applies whenever you are representing PUL, which means the whole time you are at the playing field–before, during and after your game. Any incident that goes against these policies warrants an Incident Report. 

There are several guiding principles. First, when discipline is warranted, the actions undertaken must be objective, noticeable and timely. All incidents will be investigated and resolved in a timely manner. Second, teams are collectively responsible for the actions of their members. Summer league team Captains should choose their teammates with care, as sanctions could be applied to the whole team, if warranted. All captains, both Summer and Winter League, should ensure that all teammates are aware of the policies in place. Repeat offenders will be dealt with more harshly than first time offenders given their full awareness and understanding of the implications. Third, very serious incidents, as specified below, will result in immediate expulsion. Unreported problems will not be investigated or resolved.

Suspension of Membership will be decided upon by following our Investigative Process.

Possible Disciplinary Actions

PUL is not a legal body. It is not in a position to detail all manner of potential incidents and assign corresponding actions. It is the goal of this policy to ensure that the judgement of those investigating and ruling on a given incident, and the appeal process provided, will prevent disciplinary actions that are out of proportion to an incident. However, it should be noted that the disciplinary actions taken against an individual or team by the PUL may include:

  • No action;
  • Official Warnings;
  • Alteration of win/loss records for a team;
  • Suspension of an individual or team;
  • Expulsion from a PUL specified league; 
  • Expulsion from PUL of an individual or team.

Any of these actions may be taken based on the severity of a single incident or documented history of incidents.

Conflict of Interest

Should there be a conflict of interest, or the appearance of a conflict of interest, for anyone charged with investigating and ruling on an incident, the incident shall automatically be escalated to the next level of investigation. For instance, a League Coordinator must escalate to the Membership Committee, and the Membership Committee must escalate to the Board of Directors. Should there be a conflict of interest for either a person on the Membership Committee or a Board Member, those with said conflict must excuse themselves and another person from the Membership Committee or Board member must take over the investigation.

Disciplinary Authority

League Coordinator – The League Coordinator is authorized to impose sanctions up to and including the suspension of an individual for as many as ? games.

Membership Committee – The Membership Committee is authorized to impose sanctions up to and including the suspension of an individual for as many as ? games, and the suspension of a team for as many as ? games.

Board of Directors – The Board of Directors are authorized to impose sanctions up to and including the permanent expulsion of any individual or team from PUL. However, any ruling involving permanent expulsion would require approval from the majority of the members of the entire Board of Directors.


Due to the fact that many individuals in PUL play on multiple teams and multiple nights, suspensions of an individual will include any and all teams the individual plays for. This includes teams not involved in incidents that warranted said suspension. Also, games where a player is suspended do not count as games played toward a player’s playoff eligibility.

Games where an entire team is suspended may be counted as defaults. As such, a team that is suspended for multiple games may come up for review by the Board of Directors for removal from the league.

Should a suspension occur, the following people will be made aware:

  • The suspended player.
  • The captain of the suspended player.
  • The aggrieved player. 
  • The captain of the aggrieved player.
  • The League Coordinator
  • The Membership Committee 
  • The PUL Board
  • The Operations Coordinator


The sport of Ultimate is based on the premise of Spirit of the Game. It is written into our rules that no player shall intentionally break the rules for gain. As such, players and their captains are entrusted to adhere to the rulings imposed by PUL. However, in the event of a suspension, additional measures may be taken to ensure compliance with the ruling. If an individual or team is suspended for any number of games, the team captain of the scheduled opponents of the suspended player, for the duration of the suspension may be notified as will the coordinators directly responsible for those games.

For suspension of an individual, the Captain’s Rule cannot be used to allow the suspended player to play.

If a player or team is found to be playing in defiance of a suspension, additional and more serious disciplinary actions will be taken against the player. Also, actions may be taken against the team captain as an individual, or the team as a whole.

Definition of Terms:

Suspension – A player or team that is suspended will not be eligible to participate in any PUL leagues, events, or programs for a period of time as defined by the League Coordinator, Membership Committee or Board of Directors. Should the time period extend to the end of the membership year the suspended player or team must seek Club approval to renew their membership.

Expulsion – a player or team that is expelled is no longer eligible to participate in an PUL leagues, events, or programs.