Default & Game Cancellation Policy

A default occurs when one team cannot eld at least ve players and satisfy the gender ratio (minimum of three of one gender) for the game. The team that is ready to play may declare the game in default at any point after the third point is awarded. For example, if the team is ready to play at 7:02, the rst point would be awarded at 7:07 and the team that is ready could declare the game in default at any time after 7:17.

Winners of defaulted games are awarded a 6-0 score and also win the Carbon Flip.


Though circumstances are sometimes unavoidable, to default a game should always be considered a last resort. Captains are responsible for taking all reasonable measures to contact the opposing captain within 48 hours of the game if they are unable to eld adequate numbers for a game. Through Zuluru captains have access to team captain (and as- sistant captain) contact information. Take action and maintain open lines of communication.

As July and August are typically the times when teams nd themselves short of players, captains should encourage players to report their vacation dates well in advance. As well, captains should also encourage players to alert them well in advance of game day if they are going to be away for the upcoming match, not the day before or day of. There is an attendance function on Zuluru which allows players to easily indicate which games they will and will not be attending. Please encourage them to use this and avoid the possibility of screwing everyone’s evening with a default.


If a game is already underway when inclement weather forces the cancellation of play, the following policies with respect to score will apply:

If the game ends within half an hour of the established time cap, the score counts.

Games that have reached 8 for at least one of the teams will qualify as an official game