It’s a Wrap

Wednesday First Half Trophy

The first year of our rejigged Wednesday Summer League is done.

Congrats to Furious Shades of Hot for winning the second half of the newly minted puzzle. Justin Chan is the only player to be a part of both winning teams hence the only one who could put the puzzle together this year. I bet you want to be on his team next year, huh!

Furious Shades of Hot 2018

Thanks to all those players who supported this new format of Wednesday night. It is somewhat reminiscent of our humble beginnings.

We think it will soon be like the rest of our nights of play. Once people get word of how fun Wednesday has become, it too will grow…I mean look at all those smiley happy people in the picture below. 

Wednesday Summer 2018

Last, but not least, we need to thank Tara MacLeod for taking over the reigns for Wednesday night. You did a stellar job and we are most appreciative for your hard work and dedication.

The sun is out…but we are in

Look at that sun baby!

No extreme heat advisories this week, woohoo! Games are on their regular schedule this week.

It’s still pretty hot out though, so players make sure you are hydrated, and get off the field if you need to. Captains might want to make pre-game agreements (e.g., regular water breaks; commit to using all timeouts; play to ‘quarters’ instead of half, etc.). Do what you feel you need to do to stay safe and have a great game.

Wednesday is half done, well begun

Wednesday First Half Trophy

Wednesday saw the close of round one this week. Captains will redraft the teams and start a whole new run for glory next week.

Congratulations to Great White Buffalo: The Moby Dick of the Great Plains for taking the first half of the Wednesday trophy. Will captain Kate be able to complete the puzzle? We shall see!

Congrats too to Big Red for winning the Carbon Flip!

Interested in all this fun people are having? There might just be time to get in on the second half of the season: contact to throw your name in the ring!