We Bid You Adieu

Last night our very last games of Summer 2018 were played.

All four teams brought their A games and put on a great show for the spectators.

On the far side of the field the Hounds and Gravity took the field. For the first part of the game they went point for point. Just after half the Hounds went on a bit of a stretch, and despite the efforts and loud cheering from their Captain Jon Holmes they just couldn’t fill the gap. And so the Hounds took the Bottom Feeder as theirs. Where they can perch it on some mantle, and in the middle of winter reminisce of their glory.

The Hounds 2018

In the A tier we had the Wookie Alliance take another shot at Aren’t We Naughty. This was most definitely a crowd pleasing game. High in intensity and spirit. It too was a back and forth game. Point for point. Wookie’s even claimed 15 points first. In the end, AWN dug in and took the game and the Marbles, for their 6th straight season. (This is somewhat reminiscent of Grey Matter on Wednesday nights).

AWN 2018

Wookie and AWN 2018

Thank you Ryan Lowe our Thursday Summer Coordinator. And Ron Savoy, our master scheduler.

So long Summer 2018…

Hello pickup!

Playoffs approach!


Hard to believe, but our summer season is slowly winding down, with only a couple of weeks of regular play left. Playoffs begin the week of August 14. Just a reminder that league policy requires players to have four games under their belt to play for a team in playoffs (though note exceptions can be made in case of injury or pregnancy).

For Wednesday’s shorter season, we may have to make some exceptions, but be sure to consult with captains and League Coordinator Tara MacLeod in case of any uncertainties.

The sun is out…but we are in

Look at that sun baby!

No extreme heat advisories this week, woohoo! Games are on their regular schedule this week.

It’s still pretty hot out though, so players make sure you are hydrated, and get off the field if you need to. Captains might want to make pre-game agreements (e.g., regular water breaks; commit to using all timeouts; play to ‘quarters’ instead of half, etc.). Do what you feel you need to do to stay safe and have a great game.